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Quilt Care

How to best care for your textiles depends on the materials used and the intended function. The recommendations below are typical for most items.  If your piece has unique needs they will be listed on the care instructions we include with each order.

All Quilts

  • To prevent fading, avoid direct sunlight. 

  • Your quilt may arrive with creases due to shipping.  These will release naturally over time once the quilt is unfolded.  Stubborn creases can be removed with steam. 

Bed Coverings

  • To extend the life of your quilt, only wash when necessary.  Airing out and shaking are great ways to freshen quilts between washings.  You may also use a vacuum to remove surface dirt between washings. 

  • Hand wash or machine wash in cold water on the delicate cycle.

  • Use a mild detergent such as Orvus WA paste or Orvus Quilt soap.  Mix detergent in water before adding quilt. When using Orvus WA paste, you must dissolve the paste in a cup of hot water first -if you add the paste directly to cold wash water you will get lumps that can stick to your quilt. 

  • Do not use bleach or detergents with optical brighteners. 

  • We recommend using color catchers when washing quilts. 

  • Drying flat is preferred.  You may also tumble dry on the low setting. 

Wall Hangings 

  • Vacuum or shake to remove surface dirt.  We do not recommend washing as it will change the appearance of the quilt. 

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